The Fund

Different types of Funds

There are several ways to operate a fund, some are open and other are closed. This normally describe when you can get in to a fund or when you can leave a fund. This is the initial investment that operates the funds and where the profit is made from.

AURORA BOREALIS have made this extremely flexible for everyone benefit. Investors get tokens that represent their parts in a fund and based on holding of these tokens the dividend are shared. This open also for any investors to buy or sell tokens during a funds lifetime and will not affect the fund directly, only where the profit is divided.

Investors in funds, join forces with others and seek to get a profit on their investment. This means their money is working for them. To make this happen a critical thing is time, investors need to keep their money in the finance wheels long enough to get a profit. This depends and vary from funds to funds, normally it is advised to minimum look 3 to 5 years ahead.

  • Crypto Currencies Index Fund

    An index fund is simply explained a type of fund with a portfolio constructed to match or track the components of a market index. An index fund is said to provide broad market exposure, low operating expenses and low portfolio turnover.

  • ICO Fund

    An ICO fund is a fund that invest in Initial Cryptocurrencies Offerings, are in on the opening when it is initiated to the market and seek to make a profit that the market believes in it and invest in it. This can be highly awarded investments, but it can also be risky since it requires insight to understand what it takes for an ICO to survive.

  • Trading Fund

    A Trading fund is where it is traded between different currencies or even in and out of one currencies in order to maximize the potential earnings. Here broker fees are important to consider as well since it will have an impact on the fund performance.

  • Mining Fund

    Mining fund is probably the newest financial vehicle that is discovered. It is quit resource required to main after crypto currencies, and what you could do with your computer alone before does require a lot of data power and energy to do now. A Mining Fund is a collaboration between many to mine after crypto currencies and by make a coop of it to get stronger and become drastically more successful. The fund shares the mining profit.