Our mission is to lower the barriers for average investors to take part of the merging opportunity the new and exciting crypto technology and the financial environment that comes along by offering collaboration with others and utilize expert knowledge. Through collaboration we will offer investments opportunities is the financial aurora borealis in a level average investors understand.

Our investment philosophy is simple: Finding investments that are the wrong price of the market, but where the value is likely to be recognized in the future. Investments that offer a high potential compared to the risk. We will be early movers and take advantage of new initiations. We pool together and get power in mining.


The new reality and the opportunity that has arisen and is to be seen makes that goal almost unbelievable to say, it is not a promise but a goal to give our investors 100 % profit on their investment.

Taking advantage of the new technology, crypto currencies and blockchain, innovation in the finance system we also recognize sharing economy and recommendation reward. We have therefore build in an affiliate reward system. The reward comes from the company and does not affect those who is recommended share in the fund.

As any fund there is a risk we underperform, but it is also highly likely we over preform.