How Aurora Borealis Crypto Fund and Odin Token works

Aurora Borealis Crypto Investment is set up in a completely new way that secure the longevity of the investment and at the same time the individual’s possibility to exit when they want.

When a fund is set up, investors have to buy Odin tokens that represent their part (share) in the fund. Their investment is placed into the fund and remains there for the funds lifespan. Then their assets are set to work according to the fund investment strategy. The money is locked for the given period, for Aurora Borealis Crypto Fund it is 5 years.

Odin Token represent the investors part/ownership/share in the fund. This Tokens van be traded during the underlying funds lifespan. Its value will probably be linked to the fund performance, but do not need to.

It is the market who decide. It is like a stock in a company does not necessarily reflect the company performance, sometimes it is more about expectations for the future or other variables.

Aurora Borealis Crypto Fund is a closed – end fund. This means it has a set closing and that is five years after its opening. At that point, all assets in the funds is sold/realized and all its contained values is divided equally to all Odin Tokens. It is the holder (owner) of an Odin Token at that time that receive the dividend. After the distribution of the fund assets the Odin Token is burned, meaning it ceased to exist.

This also means any investor can hold, purchase or sell Odin Token when they want and by doing that take profit when they want. The genial setup of the fund makes this possible without interfering with the assets in the funds have to be reduced.

ODIN TOKEN is dependent but also independent of the fund

Odin Token is the genius about the fund and what differ it from anything else out there. The geniality is how to keep the fund locked and ensure it grows without weakened it by constantly reduce it to pay out dividend.

The Odin Token is the unique share or ownership in the fund. Token can be sold on an exchange whenever a Token holder pleases and by that take profit. Then Token holder can chose when to cash out from the fund. It is however the Token holder
after 5 years who share the fund value when realized.